A (d’acqua)

A (d’acqua) project 2008
01 January 2008

The topic of the performance is Water that is explored through exciting sensory impressions. Through images, sounds, bodies that show the water in all its fullness and preciousness, Konic Thtr investigate on the abuse / exploitation of water resources in the world. Water: main element of the human body, universal primary and vital energy, delicate drop or huge powerful devastating force.

An interactive performance directed by Konic Thtr.
A (d’acqua) – The Augmented Stage in Turin is an original creation, a work in progress transnational project.
For A (d’acqua) were selected 20 students from MultiDams (University of Turin) and Cinema and Media Engineering (Polytechnic of Turin) who worked with Italian and Spanish professionals and researchers. To realize the performance the students where divided in various team: performers, audiovisual/multimedia production, management and information control and documentation.
A (d’acqua) makes use of elaborate technological software (some of them are designed and manufactured in Piedmont as the Solumnium software) that enable interactive and prosthetic communication between performers and stage machinery.
Performers and music instruments activate wireless sensors directly connected to an audio-visul world (video images, 3D graphics and electronic music) changing the performance in real time. A sort of sensible scene that leads to its “expansion” through technological devices for creating sound and visual effects.

Première at Malafestival 2008.

A (d’acqua) project 2008